Reminder that the Negotiating Committee & Executive will be in attendance to this conference.

This Conference will provide us with information on Strike information/update to prepare our Locals, Negotiations with the Ministry & Employers & updates on other Unions in Bargaining with employers & Ministry (OECTA, Paraprofessionals, Public Teachers, etc.)

With so many issues Locally unresolved & Collectively across Ontario; we are hopeful CUPE will convey during Negotiations that CHANGE MUST HAPPEN!

Wages, Staffing, Job Descriptions-(excessive work loads not recognised), Supervision, loss of sick days are just a few of our concerns Locally and what I am hearing the same across Ontario; these must be addressed.

Benefits that are substandard for support staff also must be recognised.

New Supervisors, Administration, Manager, hires are at an all time high and are not comparable to the amount of support staff.  If New Board hires are a need then why are support staffing not increased?  If the work is increased at a Board level then of course it is increased at a site level.  But support staffing numbers hasn’t changed since 2009 in our Board and similar complaints and issues with other Locals in Ontario.

My pet peeve…..

It’s funny how in JJE non-Union jobs keep getting wage & Level increases

…things that make you go hmmmmmmm!