CUPE Local 3166 Members voted YES to a Provincial Strike if necessary! 99.9% YES Locally

This allows our Provincial/Local Bargaining Teams to do what is necessary at the Bargaining table with the Trustee Management Team representing the Employers & the Ministry Representing the Crown.

We are NOT Teachers and should not be categorized as such! Our needs and work do not revolve around planning time and classroom size.  We DO NOT get paid or have the same Benefits.  We are front line workers making sure the office work & student computers  are running well to do our jobs and educate our students. IT Specialists that communicate with Secretaries daily & Ministry to make sure reports & information is accurate on our daily business & budgets, making sure every student in Halton Catholic is accounted for.

We are the ones that make sure students are at school and accounted for. We are the ones that do all the behind scenes work that make the Administrators, Managers, Supervisors, Principals look good by making sure Planning & Assessments are correct, Budgets are accounted for, Purchases are on time and available, Payroll is in our accounts every 2 weeks for 3,500 employees, Mail & Print Services are delivered on time every time day to day for distributed information & exams, Curriculum & Special Education Departments are kept confidential, organized and running for Parents, Students, Community & Government, Resource Centre that is current and resources are available for our teachers to teach, Media to cover our accolades & uniqueness, Continuing Education Secretaries & Guidance to organize and maintain environments for students/summer school students not in the main stream system, ESL/LINC Secretaries that register, welcome, direct, communicate with government to ease new comers into Canadian lifestyles.  We are the ones that organize the schools, keep them running, right hands to Principal’s & Vice Principals.  We are the ones that are the front lines of the Board Office, Secondary & Elementary Schools, we are the Guidance Secretaries that make sure our student information is up to date & accurate for the next phase in their lives.  We are the ones that make sure your student is at school every day and in a safe, healthy environment, we are the ones that make sure Parents are up to date and aware of school news and information, we are the ones that make sure Parents are aware of special day lunches and make sure your child is not left out. We do the banking, book keeping, accounting, communication at each school site.  We Supervise your children on the playground and in the schools, we read to them, teach them about Libraries and Resources and entertain them with stories of truth & fiction.  We Are The School & Board Office’s Back-Bone to a Successful Education Experience!

So why are we not treated like that?  We are over worked and understaffed, we are underpaid and not valued.  Our job evaluations are not fair or equitable. Our duties & responsibilities are not recognized or compensated.  Without us CUPE Local 3166 our Schools & Board Office would not run as successful as they do.  We have strong work ethics, we respect our employer, we work for our teachers & students but do we get the same benefits in return that we provide?

Management hires are constantly increasing because they cant handle the work load and the directives are then given to us to complete.  But do we get the extra hours to do the overload? Do we get the extra staff to compensate the work load? Do we get the raises or evaluation increases as they do when their work load increase as our does? NO, we don’t, but they do.

Now you can see why we had 100% YES to a Strike Vote for our Provincial Bargaining Team and a 99.9% YES Strike Vote for our Local Bargaining Team when Local Bargaining begins.

Be it Work to Rule or rotating Strikes, we are ready and willing to do what ever it takes to get the recognition we so rightly deserve. We are well into and almost through our 3rd year of wage & benefit freezes, we do not make any more than the average or below average private office/clerical worker.  Most education support workers are 10 month employees whom only get paid for 10 months work.  We are NOT Teachers!