As of September 10th, 2015 OSBCC CUPE’s Bargaining Committee for Ontario Education Workers across Ontario are in a Work-to-Rule Situation.

Please refer to the “Bargaining 2015” tab and Read the Directives to follow while we are in this position.

CUPE will take action if you routinely violate any directives known to them by members that disrespects our Constitution, By-Laws or Collective Agreements.

Action that CUPE has taken in recent past situations are; fining members, discipline and/or removal of membership.  Please do not put yourself in any situation that violates your Collective Agreement or Laws, Legislature, or Constitution.

We need to heed current climates as Job Action now can escalate quickly.

This action is Province wide and constitutes as Collective Bargaining is going on between the School Boards, the Ministry (Crown) and CUPE OSBCC Provincial.

If you need more clarification: Please email

Lisa Balanowski, President

CUPE Local 3166