Work-to-Rule Definition:  Honour your Collective Agreement!

Do NOT be a Martyr! even on a normal day the expectation to complete our workload is impossible.  Staffing & Wages MUST be dealt with this round of Bargaining!  If not Provincially then Locally especially with a 98% Local strike VOTE!

Talks are still in the early stages Locally and going well.  Provincially is another story!

Provincial items are to be concerned about: They are dealing with Wages, Benefits, Sick Days, Job Security and many more. You need to show Solidarity on the Bargaining dates with the Ministry September 10th, 11th, 15th, 16th, & 17th, 2015. WEAR BLACK!

More definition on Phase 1 of Work-to-Rule can be found in the “Bargaining” tab & by reading Enough is Enough.

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