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Phase 2 with classification-specific directions could mean at that time Following What is in Your Job Descriptions ONLY.   This could be Provincial wide, Board specific or Group Specific i.e. Library Techs Only, Secretaries, Only, IT Only, Payroll Only, EA’s Only, Custodians Only, etc. Any added MEMO work directives from ADMIN since August 31, 2014 might be in Phase 2 or Phase 3 meaning NO WORK that has been added and NOT evaluated in Joint Job Evaluation for your specific job is to be done.

YOU WILL BE DIRECTED ON THE NIGHT OF SEPTEMBER 28TH, 2015 AS TO WHAT YOUR DIRECTIVE IS. RIGHT NOW MAINTAIN ALL DUTIES AS “STATUS QUO” meaning keep doing what you have always done specific to your title but only in the time allotted by the employer. No working past your regular schedule times unless you are getting paid for it. LEAVE ON TIME! – TAKE 2/ 15 MINUTE BREAKS A DAY AWAY FROM YOUR DESK & 1 HOUR LUNCH THAT IS UNPAID & UNINTURPTED!

I know all hell is breaking lose out there and work is piling up! Just let it! You are not paid to manage the office. Ask the P or Supervisor to direct your work and tell you what is priority in the time allotted because you cannot get it all done in a day.

I will post as it comes in so please read the website every night from now until Sept 28.