Because we are in a Legal Strike Position Provincially & in

Phase 1 of Work-to-Rule! & Soon to be in Phase 2!


Following Phase 1 & 2 across the Province on a whole “All School Board Education Workers” will show the Ministry & Boards we are

Negotiating to Settle but Preparing to Strike.


If this Job Action does not get us a Contract Provincially to Settle & Ratify that is conducive to our Education Workers Provincially; it will force the School Boards to Lock-Us-Out or Strike!


We ALL DO NOT want to see it escalate to that but we MUST do what we can Legally in-order to SEE CHANGE!       (And we all know CHANGE is needed)!

Principals, Supervisors, “The Board” are all well aware we are on Work-to-Rule!


When Work cannot be completed; You only need to say “sorry, I am on work-to-rule and honouring my UNION, if you have a problem with that, please contact my Union or Human Resources”


If we get a deal Provincially, and do NOT get Locked-Out or go on Strike we can still get Locked-Out or go on Strike Locally when we resume Local Bargaining. So it’s not over until it’s over! We need both Provincial & Local Settlements to create a NEW Collective Agreement.


CUPE Local 3166 is in Local Bargaining off-site with our Employer September 29th, 2015 & October 8th, 2015. Chances are more dates will be needed to complete Local Bargaining.


CUPE Local 3166 is prepared after October 8th, to file for Conciliation &/or a No-Board-Report that will put us also in a Legal Strike Position if necessary.


Lisa Balanowski, President – CUPE Local 3166 – – 905-399-3166 –