I wouldn’t put pressure on anyone to rearrange schedules to coincide with each other lunches or breaks. A simple suggestion but not a directive.

We need to maintain normal coverage in the workplace. Not all departments can do this in ALL schools both Elementary & Secondary or Board Office or Off-Sites.

Work-to-Rule is about getting everyone on the same page across Ontario, and figuring out who/what cannot be on the same page at the same time and kind of putting it aside or figuring it out; and then working on the bigger picture that has most impact on us all as a whole both Locally & Provincially. Then concentrating on the bigger impact items to help us show the Ministry that Change is a MUST!

In just 1 day, believe me we are being heard. Provincial & Local Executive’s commend your Support & Strength and it is Being Heard!

 A member eloquently put it that we are in the trenches here so specific guidance is needed.  That being said when I see an issue that effects a lot of members I will specifically talk about the items and how you can interrupt them to do what is best for your site and working relations.  So check the website often or Just Ask.

Your working environment should be slowly now showing the effects of the work-load you all have had to maintain and work related stress & health issues because of it.

 We are in Phase 2 and it has just about effected ALL areas of our Education System across the Province so…

Stay Strong! Stay Positive! & any Clarification… Just Ask!