If you think it doesn’t Matter… It All MATTERS!

Forefather: A person who is from an earlier time and has originated or contributed to a common tradition shared by a particular group.

Why are we doing this…?  Because it Matters!  Stress & Health in the workplace Matters, Respect Matters, Workload Matters, Staffing Matters, Wages Matter, Sick Days Matter, etc.

If the items didn’t have substance (matter) our Forefathers would not have worked so hard and strong to get us what we have today if it didn’t Matter!

Now its OUR turn to carry it into the future!

What We Are Doing Matters!

It’s not our fault our Government lost/wasted Millions/Billions of our tax payer dollars specifically in our area alone 950 Million wasted on the Ontario Power/Gas Plant Scandals;  but we will NOT be made an example for their mistakes & misuse of funds.

We are the FRONT LINE EDUCATION SUPPORT STAFF that keeps our SCHOOLS RUNNING SMOOTHLY! We are here to make sure OUR FUTURE GENERATION’S are taught by OUR UNION TEACHERS in a safe, clean, healthy, advantageous operating environment!  Who does this you ask…? WE DO! So why are we not getting the RESPECT & RECOGNITION we deserve for our constant dedicated productive behaviour!

It’s OUR TIME! Our Time to be HEARD! Our time to get paid what we are worth, to support our families in this Community, to take care of our future, to pay our bills! We have been dumped on by excessive workloads, we have been ignored by pleas of more staffing,  we are told we matter but when we are sick we get managed or feel guilty because the worksite falls apart without us & we are forced back to work under these conditions.  We are told we don’t manage our sites BUT ALL WE DO IS MANAGE our sites.  But we will never get recognized or paid for doing so.  They want to cut our hours, cut our sick days, cut our wages, cut our benefits, cut our dignity, cut our respect for the work we do to keep all these schools running across Ontario!

Does it matter you ask…? YES IT MATTERS!  STAY STRONG!

1 person cannot do it alone BUT 2 CAN! 3 even more, 250 people can, 1,000+ in HCDSB can, 5,000 in Niagara & Hamilton can, 20,000 GTA can & 55,000 across ONTARIO Certainly CAN!

You are in a LEGAL form of Strike Action as per Ministry of Labour Law, If they want to nick pick our definitions of what constitutes the directives (meanings of established orders) in our Work-to-Rule action; then let them, that’s why you pay DUES! Because when push comes to shove our Legal Team can tie this up in court for Years!

So in the meanwhile, we STAND TOGETHER in LEGAL JOB ACTION in Phase 2 or better yet…. Phase 3.  So enjoy the ride Local 3166 because the little Job Action in your sites right now by just taking your lunches & breaks, working at a safe & steady pace, making managers manage the work load & tell you what’s priority to get done, and seeing ALL the other work pile up because there is NOT ENOUGH WORK HOURS OR STAFFING in a day to get it ALL done; then maybe we will have CHANGE! or better yet, get more Legal Work-to-Rule directives from Provincial and actually work in an environment that is a healthy form of workplace stress and manageable for the wage we get.

Or as in past practices with some Boards, hire more Superintendents & Principal’s/VP’s at 3 sometimes 4 x’s (times) your wage to dump more work on our plates instead of more SUPPORT STAFF WORKERS who ACTUALLY DO THE WORK!

So do YOU want CHANGE…?  Then STAY STRONG!