Until we read the Memo of Settlement regarding Provincial Items that were signed-off on, we do not know if any of these items have Language around them.  That being said… if NOT; we still have Local Negotiations to settle these items/issues.

It isn’t over till its over!

 During this time & until we know more, the Managers & Supervisors still need to take responsibility to MANAGE the work sites and workloads.  Meaning: if the work has piled up and it is now more stressful because there is not enough hours in the day or help to get it all done then… Ask your Manager to manage the work load.  Provide them with a list of items that cannot possibly get done in the hours allotted to you by the employer and have them direct or prioritize the day.  If you finish the priority work in the day then ask them to organize the rest of the work list.  If it cannot get done then let them know and carry it over to the next day asking them again to organize the priority work.

When they see how much you do and what cannot get done, then hopefully they will let the “beings in power” know this so we can get more staffing and better wages.  This was the main goal of our Work-to-Rule.

It was NOT to refuse work; It was to show HOW much we actually do. Perception!

You should NOT be running around like chickens with your heads cut off trying to now get it all done.  Work at a steady pace, having your Managers manage the workload that has piled up at a healthy, productive, steady pace.