CUPE Local 3166, 

Saturday November 14, 2015 Local President’s representing 55,000 Education Workers in Ontario were in Toronto to Vote on whether or not the Provincial Agreement was acceptable to take back to the Members to Ratify.

After many many hours of questions, answers, arguments, accolades, debates, disappointments’; a vote was taken.

It was over 80% in support of the Agreement to bring it back to the members.   

Wednesday November 18 at 5:30 Notre Dame we will go through the items and explain the reasoning. Please bring a copy of the Provincial Agreement Summary I sent you through non-Board email to follow along and take notes.

Then there will be a VOTE for YOU the Member to either accept it or not.

You will be able to ask questions & not all Items pertain to our group.

If you did not receive the items through your non-Board email and plan on attending, email me a non Board email and I will send it to you.