Local 3166 is still in Local Bargaining. Next Bargaining date is March 23, 2016.  We are in no hurry to settle on Local issues because we have lost so much Provincially over the past 4 years.

We are progressing but slow.  We still have a Ministry Conciliator attending our Local Bargaining Meetings.  Since our hands have been tied in areas of wages and staffing from Provincial Settlement and Past MOU’s and Ministry Settlements have not been resolved from 2012 re banked sick days, we are finding it difficult to agree on interpretations from these settled agreements.

It makes for frustration and confusion. OSBCC Conference is being held this week in Richmond Hill to settle some questions from the latest Provincial Agreement and hopefully get answers to questions that have been open since 2012.

We have a dozen or so outstanding Local issues that we are standing firm on because our hands have been tied in areas such as wages & benefits. The 1% will go into effect once we ratify Locally. 1% of our take home less taxes, dues, etc. will amount to dollars and cents on our average wage; but will be retro from Sept 1 2015 once we settle Locally.  The Local Union Bargaining Committee is committed to making sure no more gets overlooked or taken away from Local 3166.

At anytime now Local 3166 can file a no-Board report as same with the employer. Meaning, once filed, 17 days after we can be in a Work-to-Rule situation Locally. Or Lock-Out by the employer or Strike situation Locally.  We are not contemplating this nonetheless concentrating on a settlement that benefits both us and the employer.