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December 2015

OSBCC Update on Provincial Vote:

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November 2, 2015 – 9:00pm

We were informed on tonight’s call that NO details of the Memo of Settlement (contract) will be disclosed to the Public or Media until Presidents across Ontario representing 55,000 thousand Education Support Workers have seen the document.  Then we are to review the document with our Negotiating Committees. Then after reviewing it with our Negotiating Committees, a Meeting will take place in Toronto the weekend of November 14, 2015.

At this November 14 meeting,  Local Presidents across Ontario will receive details around the signed off items and have the opportunity to ask question and receive answers around the individual items so we can then bring this information back to the members to Ratify by December 4, 2015.  Either by accepting it or not.

We are Locally in Bargaining November 12 & 19.  We will for sure need more dates to settle Local Bargaining.  We need both Contracts to make up one (1) Collective Agreement.  Provincial items will NOT go into effect until Local Bargaining is completed. We only need to Ratify Provincial by December 4, 2015.

Local Bargaining can take as long as it needs to create a contract that is both conducive to the members & employer.

There is to be NO Reprisal (Punishment) for your Legal Phase 1 & 2 Strike Action that you took for the past weeks!  If you receive any form of this behaviour; you need to contact me immediately.

Currently we are conducting business as usual and are on NO form of Strike Action.


12 noon Monday November 2, 2015

CUPE education workers reach tentative agreement with Crown and Council of Trustee Associations in Central Negotiations.

Effective immediately 12 noon today November 2, 2015 Phase 1 & 2 Work-to-Rule is HALTED immediately until the deal is Ratified.

We will be on a conference call tonight so more will be posted before 10pm!

Yippee! Now let’s hope the deal is worth Ratifying!

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Update to Local Presidents: Sunday November 1st, 2015 – 5:30pm

There will be NO update tonight as per the request of the Mediator to us Presidents and Bargaining Committees.

The call is being rescheduled until Monday Night November 2, 2015

I will post by 10pm Monday evening.

…/At the request of the mediator, the parties have agreed to suspend public communications regarding the substance and process of negotiations, while bargaining continues.

I am hoping this is a good thing and we are close to a settlement.  They are still at the table as you read this. Business as usual Monday! Maintain Phase 1 & 2.


Latest Update: Friday October 30, 2015 – 9:30pm

CUPE OSBCC has NOT given a Province wide strike notice – there is NO province-wide full strike that has been called at this time.

We emphasize there will be NO strike action taken until OSBCC CUPE have given 5 days’ notice to the government and the school boards. 

Their focus is at the bargaining table right now, they are working hard to get a deal.  Please know that they will communicate out to the Local President’s when they have news to report, and that until you hear news directly from us, it is not confirmed information.  

Your President, Executive, & Bargaining Committee will be on a Conference Call Sunday evening and will update CUPE Local 3166 by 9:00pm!


October 29, 2015  9:00pm

CUPE is still negotiating, they are working hard, and are committed to being at the Provincial table with the Ministry & School Boards through the weekend. 

They will let us know when there are major developments.


Let’s hope we will have a deal to Ratify this weekend!

October 28, 2015 8:45pm

An update just came in…

Our CUPE Negotiating Committee Provincially is still at the table with the Ministry and CTA (Council for Trustee Association) The School Boards!

This is a good sign.  Maintain Phase 2 and keep the pressure on.

The Ministry gave to November 1st to get a Provincial Collective Agreement so lets hope we get one so we can start concentrating on Local Bargaining!  We need both to make a Collective Agreement.

You will know by Sunday evening if things have escalated and we have no agreement; if not sooner. Staying at the table is a good thing!

As the information comes in I will update you before 10pm each day.


October 25, 2015 8:30pm

School Board Office Administrators: Follow Your Struck Work This Week!

School Secretaries, Office Assistances, Guidance Secretaries, etc. It is IMPARATIVE You follow Your Struck Work This Week with regards to NO MINISTRY Quarterly Reports to be completed by the end of October!

It is a Provincial directive for Legal Strike Action you MUST follow!

If you are pressured to do it, then I need to know ASAP!

You’re Principal’s & Supervisors are well able to do the report themselves. If they don’t; then have them call the Business Department for direction.


October 24, 2015

We will NOT be Bullied into a Collective Agreement, say CUPE Education Workers after meeting with Premier Wynne!

*Please read the 2 bulleted Documents below!*


October 22, 2015

Well What Can I Say…

It wasn’t a bad call and it wasn’t a good call either.  The Ministry & School Boards are still at the table. They still consider our Bargaining items as perks rather than a RIGHT to them in my opinion.


We have RIGHTS, We are CANADIAN Citizen’s! Our Working Conditions & Benefits & Wages, & Sick Days – DO MATTER! – ENOUGH with this 2 tier SYSTEM that is developing in Ontario!

WE KEEP the SCHOOLS RUNNING! We Keep a safe, organized, clean, healthy environment for our Teachers & students to function in. So why do we have to FIGHT to maintain the little we have???  Instead of fighting to keep the little we have WE NEED TO FIGHT FOR MORE! AND TAKE A STAND THAT WHAT WE HAVE IS UNTOUCHABLE!

That being said… Provincial has 2 more Bargaining dates next week. October 27 & 28, 2015.

Phase 1 & 2 is still in effect!

RE-READ YOUR Work-to-Rule Directives and FOLLOW THEM! 


NO Concessions!


  • YES I am worth every cent paid to me
  • YES I deserve more staffing to help with this burdening Workload
  • YES I deserve RESPECT as Education Support Staff!

YES we have a Right to Work & Raise Our Families in OUR Communities so

RESPECT US & STOP Trying to take it away!


October 17, 2015

OSBCC CUPE’s Bargaining Committee on behalf of 55,000 Support Staff Workers across Ontario has made Progress these past 2 days, but… we were hoping to continue Bargaining this weekend however they will continue on Tuesday October 27, 2015.  The Mediator assigned to the table with the Union, Ministry & School Boards is not available now until Tuesday October 27, 2015.

There will be a Town Hall Call for Local Presidents this Tuesday,

October 20, 2015 on details of the past 2 days and Next Steps!

No further News to Report now until Tuesday October 20, 2015 evening.

Monday Morning Keep the Pressure on with Phase 2 of our Work-to-Rule – Tuesday Evening I will report on the Website after the Call.


October 15, 2015 1:25pm

OSBCC is still in Bargaining with the Province & Employers.  Tuesday, Wednesday this week I guess went well so they were granted 2 more days to continue.  Hopefully No News is Good News!

I am told we will hear something this weekend on a President’s Town Hall Call so I will report an update this weekend.

Stay in Phase 2 – reread the directives if you need a refresher because YOU are the ONES on SOLID Ground! Make Phase 2 Work for YOU!  It is a Legal Strike Phase 2 and you have every right to Work-To-Rule!



October 7, 2015

Read OSBCC Update # 20


October 1, 2015 11:25pm

Workload, Staffing, Benefits, Job Security, Sick Days, Pensions, Wages – It All Matters!

If you think it doesn’t Matter… It All MATTERS!

Forefather: A person who is from an earlier time and has originated or contributed to a common tradition shared by a particular group.

Why are we doing this…?  Because it Matters!  Stress & Health in the workplace Matters, Respect Matters, Workload Matters, Staffing Matters, Wages Matter, Sick Days Matter, etc.

If the items didn’t have substance (matter) our Forefathers would not have worked so hard and strong to get us what we have today if it didn’t Matter!

Now its OUR turn to carry it into the future!

What We Are Doing Matters!

It’s not our fault our Government lost/wasted Millions/Billions of our tax payer dollars specifically in our area alone 950 Million wasted on the Ontario Power/Gas Plant Scandals;  but we will NOT be made an example for their mistakes & misuse of funds.

We are the FRONT LINE EDUCATION SUPPORT STAFF that keeps our SCHOOLS RUNNING SMOOTHLY! We are here to make sure OUR FUTURE GENERATION’S are taught by OUR UNION TEACHERS in a safe, clean, healthy, advantageous operating environment!  Who does this you ask…? WE DO! So why are we not getting the RESPECT & RECOGNITION we deserve for our constant dedicated productive behaviour!

It’s OUR TIME! Our Time to be HEARD! Our time to get paid what we are worth, to support our families in this Community, to take care of our future, to pay our bills! We have been dumped on by excessive workloads, we have been ignored by pleas of more staffing,  we are told we matter but when we are sick we get managed or feel guilty because the worksite falls apart without us & we are forced back to work under these conditions.  We are told we don’t manage our sites BUT ALL WE DO IS MANAGE our sites.  But we will never get recognized or paid for doing so.  They want to cut our hours, cut our sick days, cut our wages, cut our benefits, cut our dignity, cut our respect for the work we do to keep all these schools running across Ontario!

Does it matter you ask…? YES IT MATTERS!  STAY STRONG!

1 person cannot do it alone BUT 2 CAN! 3 even more, 250 people can, 1,000+ in HCDSB can, 5,000 in Niagara & Hamilton can, 20,000 GTA can & 55,000 across ONTARIO Certainly CAN!

You are in a LEGAL form of Strike Action as per Ministry of Labour Law, If they want to nick pick our definitions of what constitutes the directives (meanings of established orders) in our Work-to-Rule action; then let them, that’s why you pay DUES! Because when push comes to shove our Legal Team can tie this up in court for Years!

So in the meanwhile, we STAND TOGETHER in LEGAL JOB ACTION in Phase 2 or better yet…. Phase 3.  So enjoy the ride Local 3166 because the little Job Action in your sites right now by just taking your lunches & breaks, working at a safe & steady pace, making managers manage the work load & tell you what’s priority to get done, and seeing ALL the other work pile up because there is NOT ENOUGH WORK HOURS OR STAFFING in a day to get it ALL done; then maybe we will have CHANGE! or better yet, get more Legal Work-to-Rule directives from Provincial and actually work in an environment that is a healthy form of workplace stress and manageable for the wage we get.

Or as in past practices with some Boards, hire more Superintendents & Principal’s/VP’s at 3 sometimes 4 x’s (times) your wage to dump more work on our plates instead of more SUPPORT STAFF WORKERS who ACTUALLY DO THE WORK!

So do YOU want CHANGE…?  Then STAY STRONG!


October 1, 2015 9:00am

If Principal’s and/or Managers are still pressuring you to VILOATE your Work-to-Rule Legal Job Action you need to ask them this Question:

What will happen if I refuse? & I need you to send me their reply.

CUPE Provincial & National will then add the specific name of the Principal/Manager to CUPE’s Legal Team for further action.

Not only can the employer be held responsible for violating the Ministry of Labour’s Legal Work-to-Rule Job Action Law’s but so can each Manager/Principal be held responsible individually for purposely standing in the way of a Legal Job Action.

We belong to CUPE NATIONAL; that being said you might not understand that even though you think this is a Provincial action by the OSBCC (Ontario School Board Coordinating Committee) a division of the Ontario District; WE ARE CUPE NATIONAL!  We have Unlimited Support & Legal funding!

So Stay Strong & know you are being HEARD across Ontario & Canada!

The emails, texts, voice messages coming in from our other CUPE Locals in the Province & across Canada & the United States is overwhelming!  Ontario Steel Workers Support You!

Everyone knows Ontario & that Education Workers are the backbone of Ontario’s Education System hand in hand with our Teachers making a safe and stable learning environment for our STUDENTS our Future Generation!


September 30, 2015 11:ooam

I wouldn’t put pressure on anyone to rearrange schedules to coincide with each other lunches or breaks. A simple suggestion but not a directive.

We need to maintain normal coverage in the workplace. Not all departments can do this in ALL schools both Elementary & Secondary or Board Office or Off-Sites.

Work-to-Rule is about getting everyone on the same page across Ontario, and figuring out who/what cannot be on the same page at the same time and kind of putting it aside or figuring it out; and then working on the bigger picture that has most impact on us all as a whole both Locally & Provincially. Then concentrating on the bigger impact items to help us show the Ministry that Change is a MUST!

In just 1 day, believe me we are being heard. Provincial & Local Executive’s commend your Support & Strength and it is Being Heard!

 A member eloquently put it that we are in the trenches here so specific guidance is needed.  That being said when I see an issue that effects a lot of members I will specifically talk about the items and how you can interrupt them to do what is best for your site and working relations.  So check the website often or Just Ask.

Your working environment should be slowly now showing the effects of the work-load you all have had to maintain and work related stress & health issues because of it.

 We are in Phase 2 and it has just about effected ALL areas of our Education System across the Province so…

Stay Strong! Stay Positive! & any Clarification… Just Ask!



September 29, 2015 7:00pm

I need you to email me the Principal’s, Vice, Supervisor’s, Managers who are VIOLATING OUR JOB ACTION OF WORK-TO-RULE!

It WORKS both ways!  As much as they think they can MONITOR OR WRITE OUR NAMES DOWN… SO CAN CUPE !


It is a fallacy to have you believe they can somehow discipline or monitor you for future Repercussion if you follow Legal Job Action of any sort!  ANY JOB ACTION PROVINCIAL DIRECTS US TO DO WE DO!

I have tried to handle this civilly and professionally but when push comes to shove believe me CUPE can shove back!

Following your directivities is a form of STRIKE you are in a LEGAL position to do so without threat, intimidation, or repercussion. Whomever is telling you different, I need their name.


September 28, 2015 8:00pm



Not only are you to follow Phase 1 taking your breaks & lunch and leaving on-time you MUST now also follow Phase 2 as outlined below!

It can now escalate quickly to a full blown out STRIKE in Phase 3 so READ the Website after 9pm nightly.

Read & Print & POST these RULES in you SITE that you MUST FOLLOW in your OFFICE September 29, 2015!

*ALL Staff & Administration know you are in a LEGAL STRIKE Work-to-Rule ACTION!

READ & POST (click on title)

September 28, 2015

Legal Rights *You Must Read*

Read:  PHASE 2 WORK TO RULE legal advice Sept 29 2015

– You Will Need To Know Your Legal Rights When/If We Escalate To Phase 2

You Must Still Maintain Phase 1 Until Further Notice


September 23, 2015 

– Provincially its quiet today but as of this weekend it can all change.

For the Better or Worse?  We will soon find out!

Read: CUPE info to Media Parents & Public

September 22, 2015

We have agreed to additional bargaining dates on September 26, 27, and 28. If we don’t have an agreement by midnight on the 28th we will initiate phase 2 of our work-to-rule on September 29th. Instructions for phase 2 will be sent out once finalized. Please read the below OSBCC #19 update to prepare.

Phase 2 with classification-specific directions could mean at that time Following What is in Your Job Descriptions ONLY.   This could be Provincial wide, Board specific or Group Specific i.e. Library Techs Only, Secretaries, Only, IT Only, Payroll Only, EA’s Only, Custodians Only, etc. Any added MEMO work directives from ADMIN since August 31, 2014 might be in Phase 2 or Phase 3 meaning NO WORK that has been added and NOT evaluated in Joint Job Evaluation for your specific job is to be done.

YOU WILL BE DIRECTED ON THE NIGHT OF SEPTEMBER 28TH, 2015 AS TO WHAT YOUR DIRECTIVE IS. RIGHT NOW MAINTAIN ALL DUTIES AS “STATUS QUO” meaning keep doing what you have always done specific to your title but only in the time allotted by the employer. No working past your regular schedule times unless you are getting paid for it. LEAVE ON TIME! – TAKE 2/ 15 MINUTE BREAKS A DAY AWAY FROM YOUR DESK & 1 HOUR LUNCH THAT IS UNPAID & UNINTURPTED!

I know all hell is breaking lose out there and work is piling up! Just let it! You are not paid to manage the office. Ask the P or Supervisor to direct your work and tell you what is priority in the time allotted because you cannot get it all done in a day.  I am starting to make my rounds to make sure ALL 3166 Members are Respecting Phase 1 Work-to-Rule

I will post as it comes in so please read the website every night from now until Sept 28.


September 21, 2015

September 20, 2015

* You Must Fill Out The Local 3166 Strike Pay Application Form & Send it into Local 3166 Office Immediately to get a Strike Pay IF Provincial Action Escalates To A Full Walk-Out Strike. Otherwise you will not receive a strike pay if we are on Strike Provincially/Locally or Lock-Out.

*NOTE: This is a Provincial Directive and NOT a Local one at this time. Local Bargaining is in its early stages and progressing.